About me

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It's always great to meet new peeps so I am pretty happy to have you here.  While and if I still have your attention, here is a little about me. 

I am a perfectionist, love my coffee (as do all designers) and I am a little bit of a workaholic.  In saying that, I am a mom to two gorgeous boys (3 & 6) and am trying to master the balance of being present and available to them especially at this age transition.  My kids keep me focused, ambitious, determined and happy. 

I am a collector of notebooks and snail mail and adore pretty packaging - don't we all.  

If you go shopping with me - I'll be the one taking snaps of all the shops logo's and signage opposed to trying on clothes (true story).  I'm a typography freak and my most favourite font in all of font land is "Baskerville".  (As seen in my website headers of course). 

I hate insta stories but I love watching everyone else's. I also love promoting other small businesses and corporates and sharing the "bossing" and "hustle" that we all have to do in the land of business ownership. 

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