Behind the brand

and the emails!


hi - I’m Kirst - nice to meet you. 

I'm A young mama of two boys (aged 4 & 7) who has travelled well, experienced lots of life’s lessons in a mere 34 years & committed to my partner for a great 18 years (married for nearly 10 of those). I ooze gratitude and positivity from my morning mediations and hope that this becomes a magnet for all those that I meet. I love the simple things in life with a touch of class and upmarket trend. I.e - furnishing my house with gorgeous scandi/boho elements.

I thrive on list making and organisation.  I don't do clutter and I think that is representative of my style of branding and work. Im all for the beach lifestyle and love that I get to explore such tropical paradise right on my doorstep here in Melbourne. So far, Half Moon Bay being my favourite. When the sun doesn’t shine, you will often find me watching a movie with my family, sitting in the car with a coffee watching the kite surfers (crazy peeps) or walking through the mall procrastinating about what I want, need and can’t live without.

I have a fair collection of house plants and am hoping to start growing my own veggie patch this year.

I have worked with clients all over the world, namely New Zealand, the UK, New York, Singapore, Spain and of course, Australia.

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