Happy 5th birthday to us! Competition time

I can hardly believe I am writing this!

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When starting this little business (five years ago), I never imagined I would be working on it full time.  It was only meant to be a hobby to keep myself busy and on track once I had entered the beautiful world of Motherhood.  Little did I know, the stars had other plans for m.I initially started designing cute wooden pegs with decorative washi tape and attended and sold at as many markets as I could.  I also started designing my own blog and capturing my own brand photo's which is where I truly realised my passion for design and photography.  I spent endless nights teaching myself, studying and attending courses to up my game in the design field.  I was still working full time at a law firm and still trying to find my feet with being a new mom and maintaining the balance of everything. It wasn't easy but whoever said it would be, right? The truth is, I became addicted to creating a life I loved which meant spending more time with my little boy and actually doing something I enjoyed.  I took off on maternity leave to have my second babe and when I returned to work, I returned to an absolute shit storm. This was the sign I needed that I was in for better days and that life couldn't carry on the way it had been.  At the same time that this happened, my husband was offered a position in New Zealand which we decided to pursue.  


Off we went and after three days of travel and finally arriving at the hotel, I hit the ground running & relished in the fact that I was now my own boss, not working full time and most importantly, a full-time mama. It took me a good six months or so to get myself balanced out and to stick to proper working hours.  In this time I made sure I was getting my name out there and again, exhibited at a market and that was where things began to change. TWO years in at this point and it was like my vision had just evolved and gave me a tap on the shoulder to say, hold on tight - now the fun begins.  I honestly haven't looked back since then. I spent two years in New Zealand and celebrated my fourth year in business with the support of some absolutely incredible clients and entrepreneur. It was magical.  Again, while this was happening - things were about to change again & to cut a long story short - we moved to Melbourne and here I am celebrating my 5th year in business.  Again - not easy having to start over again but all so worth it.  I have already met some amazing people and working on some pretty amazing projects as well as heading up the Business Hub at the estate I live in.  Every day is a struggle but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. And no words can truly express the gratitude and appreciation I have for all the amazing people that have chosen to work with me. A lot of the time I am asked what my day consists of and how I manage to get through my workload. The truth is no two days are the same and even though I write my to-do list every single day, it always changes.  


I try not to let my work time interfere with my time with the kids so I mostly make sure I get all of my admin done and my refinements completed while Keaton eats brekkie and watches morning cartoons. Then the rest of the day is ours to decide what we feel like doing.  On the odd occasion, we may choose to have a mid-morning nap, but that's mostly when we are not feeling well or the weather is a bit dreary and we snooze off while watching a movie. 


Then it's lunchtime and time to fetch Cason from school.  I use this time to catch up on my social media and update my to-do list or reply to clients because I am sitting the car waiting anyway.  I am one of those moms that arrives at least 25mins before the bell rings so that I can get a good parking ha ha. Then it's home time and snack time and I prepare dinner.  It's also homework time with Cason and sorting notices from school and signing books etc.  Once this is all done, the boys get an hour to choose what they want to do and I get an hour to work.  At 6ish we eat dinner and then it's bath time and usually, at around 7:30pm it's bedtime for the boys.  I clean the house and get everything looking decent and in it's place and then I start working.  I try to sign off by 10pm the latest but if I'm in the zone, I could quite easily go up to midnight.  Naughty I know, but when you put the effort in, you reap the rewards. 


My advice to anyone in business and to those that find it difficult to maintain a good working structure would be:  suck it up sista. Running a business is super difficult and it's never going to get easy unless you face the fear and get on with it.  Assign people to help you and look for professional help if you can afford to.  Never fear a Monday!!!  Let a Monday be your gratitude day and the day you realise that it's the start of a whole new week with a whole new income.  Be positive about it and understand that the more you put in the more you will get out.  People will acknowledge your hard work and they will appreciate the extra distance you go for them. And always be realistic!  In your timings, your pay structure, your quoting.  Do things right from the start otherwise, they will backfire in the long run. 


If you read this far - thanks for reading my soppy story but thanks for being there and thanks for the support.  It truly does mean the world to me. 



COMPETITION CLOSED - Congratulations to Dani from Urban Kitchen!

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