A tad bit more about me

Oh dear, maybe you shouldn't have asked - I am quite a babbler.  

I am not a very interesting person really.  Just your standard 34 year old who is figuring out life, motherhood, marriage, business, fierceness, friendships and pretty much all of life's lessons.  In a nutshell though - have a look at some delightful bullet points about me. 

  • I am a Leo - born on the 14th August.

  • I have lived in four countries and travelled to many places - Cyprus being my favourite.

  • I am South African - born and bred in Durban.

  • I worked in law for 10 years. Hardest career of my life but the most fun I have ever had too. Lots of incredible memories and friends. And worked in three of the five magic circle law firms. Claiming it!

  • I worked for a magazine publicist for a year. Learnt so much.

  • I paint my own gel nails and I aim to do this every fortnight on a Sunday evening.

  • I hate my teeth and want to get veneers one day! Ha ha.



  • I am a serious list maker and thrive on ticking errands off - business wise and personal.

  • I talk a lot when I like someone or if I feel comfortable in my surroundings. But I am also extremely shy.

  • I love music and I have instilled this into my kids. We have a dance party in the lounge every Friday evening if we are home.

  • I have been with my hubby for 18 years and married for 9 of those. The big 10 is coming up shortly (March 2019).

  • My brother is my best friend.

  • I am well travelled - so grateful for the many experiences and memories I have made.

  • I snowboard, surf and have proudly done the Nevis Swing in Queenstown, New Zealand. Never again.

  • I have watched & listened to the Lone Piper in Scotland - a dream come true.

  • I love pink - never thought I would hear myself say that. But I do.

  • And now I think I am going to stop writing about myself! If you're still here - thank you!




Image taken at sugar republic, melbourne - july 2018. 

These are my two precious boys, Cason & Keaton.  They keep me young, alive, energised and exhausted at times. Their personalties are a mix between mine and my husband's and I could not be more blessed with such beautiful souls. 

It also frightens me that my eldest is nearly as tall as me - or is that just me being OTT? 


Let's do what we love and do a lot of it. 

I have two quotes that I live by.  One is above which was quoted by Marc Jacobs and my second is by the ever so beautiful, Maya Angelou.  In my eyes it is the most powerful quote and one that has guided me through many long days and nights. And that is  - "Still I rise." I'll just leave that there shall I. 


Image taken at sugar republic, melbourne - july 2018.

And another photo of me and my boys because which mom out there isn't proud enough of the humans they have produced (with their husbands of course) and which female in business would not be smitten at the fact that they can run their household and run a business.  And yes, that's my lazy eye from all the late nights that I work - ha ha. 



Along with the rest of my family, I am so lucky that this man has been a huge pillar of support + strength to me. He has even stayed up with me on the odd occasion when I have worked until 4/5am on a manic deadline. Winning!