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When singing up for design work with us, you will be required to complete an online branding questionnaire to help inject the creativity into your project. You will also be required to sign an online on boarding form, to confirm you understand the requirements of the project and that the deposit has been settled before any design work can commence.

Not only do we do this to protect ourselves, we do it to protect you too. This way, you know you are signing up with a trustworthy & reputable business and someone who will not take your money and run. Should the instance arise where money is to be refunded, this will be dealt with in a professional manner and according to the amount of work already provided or prepared. Your 50% deposit is non refundable because it is used to secure your spot and the initial round of rough sketches and proof sheets / colour palettes / mood boards prepared. It also means that any other client that wanted to book a space before you, was turned away or given a later booking slot.

All new clients that sign up with me, will have a special thank you gift posted to them.