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Graphic design + custom


Brand identity starter kit

Looking for a new logo design or perhaps refresh an existing one? This is a fully crafted package, unique to your business and target market, where you get the tools to take you into launch mode and get your business on the map. The essentials to start your new Instagram feed, add your logo to your website and create that Facebook page. You also get the perfect handbook, being your branding guide, to keep your branding consistent throughout your business.

What you get:

3 - 4 week process

  • Consultation (via email or phone call) + Primary logo, submark, alternates

  • 2 word mark design concepts + Pattern or graphic (icon) where applicable - not compulsory

  • 3 x revision rounds + Mood board & style guide

  • Branded style guide

  • Mood board

  • Supply of files in all appropriate formats (no printing)

Prices: AUS + other: $550 | ZAR: R3800 |Custom rate: $45 per hr

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Brand identity advanced kit

Our most popular package amongst our clients, offering a full business suite to inject that excitement and prepare for your launch. Offering a variety of files and elements, this is the suggested package to opt for. Not only does it provide you with the full branding suite, it gives you the comfort knowing that your branding is consistent throughout and professionally tailored from the get go.

What you get:

6 - 8 week process

  • Consultation (via email or phone call) + Primary logo, submark, alternates

  • 2 word mark design concepts of logo + Pattern or graphic (icon) where applicable - not compulsory

  • 2 design concepts of business card + Pattern or graphic (icon) where applicable - not compulsory

  • 5 x revision rounds + Business card design (no printing)

  • Branded style guide + 1x Facebook header

  • Mood board + 1 x Instagram template (editable in word)

  • Supply of files in all appropriate formats (no printing) + Facebook & Instagram profile image (logo)

Prices: AUS + other: $840 | ZAR: R5300 |Custom rate: $45 per hr



Please note - all prices are confirmed according to the amount of work and time that is put into each personal branding project. BUT: I do understand what it feels like, wanting to start your own business but not having the budget required to get your feet on the ground in a professionally aesthetically appealing way. Therefore, please still get in touch to see if we can accommodate you and still help to achieve your branding goals. We have never turned a client away but please also respect the time and effort that is put into each project. In most cases, a fair payment plan can be entered into which means you have ease of mind knowing you are not under pressure to finance the entire project up front. A 50% non - refundable deposit is always required as a compulsory payment but thereafter, a payment plan can be taken into effect.


When singing up for design work with us, you will be required to complete an online branding questionnaire to help inject the creativity into your project. You will also be required to sign an online on boarding form, to confirm you understand the requirements of the project and that the deposit has been settled before any design work can commence.

Not only do we do this to protect ourselves, we do it to protect you too. This way, you know you are signing up with a trustworthy & reputable business and someone who will not take your money and run. Should the instance arise where money is to be refunded, this will be dealt with in a professional manner and according to the amount of work already provided or prepared. Your 50% deposit is non refundable because it is used to secure your spot and the initial round of rough sketches and proof sheets / colour palettes / mood boards prepared. It also means that any other client that wanted to book a space before you, was turned away or given a later booking slot.

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Web design (Squarespace)



Squarespace website design

Interested in a modern, minimalistic style website? One that is easy to maintain and doesn't require daily updates and downtime? Providing a standard sized website, designed to provide your customer with all of the necessary information about your business, we delve deep into the core of your services and offering and work on your aesthetic. SEO forms part of this package but your hosting fees and domain fees are not included and will need to be purchased before we can proceed with any design work.

As most websites are so personal to a business, we work our prices according to the amount of pages required, the amount of design work required and the overall functionality / coding of the site. A standard ignition fee of $440 is compulsory with a suggested hourly rate of $65 added onto the remaining time spent on a website. In general, a site costs a minimum of $1350 give or take. If you have all of your information at the ready, this will speed things up and a website can be completed within a couple of days.

What you get:

2 - 4 week process (in most cases)

  • Branding questionnaire, Style sheet with colour palette and fonts.

  • Logo files in EPS, PNG, JPG and PDF. (A file sheet is included in the handover pack)

  • Up to 6 standard pages namely: Home, About, Services, blog, Contact

  • Responsive design (meaning compatible with mobile & ipad)

  • Basic Seo, Social media integration (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest), Blog, Newsletter integration (Mailchimp), Ecommerce setup (products to be discussed)

  •  Does NOT include hosting fees, domain name fees or copy. If you need a copywriter, I can refer a brilliant one.

Prices: AUS + other: $440 upwards | ZAR: R4000 upwards |Custom rate: $65 per hr for additional pages / work

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