Have a browse through my work collection and see if my style suits yours.  All logo designs are presented with a mood board and style sheet which contains your brand colours and font types used in the design process.  You will also receive your workable files in .svg, .png, .jpg and .pdf format so that you can apply them across all mediums.  Website designs are handed over with a handbook to assist you in maintaining the site and troubleshooting/adding elements to your convenience, rather than paying an extra fee for maintenance. Of course, if this is needed - it can be arranged.  

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File types:

.SVG - high res file type used for signage and large format printing.  Only accessible through Illustrator. 

.PNG - most common file type and is used to place logo on images in transparent form.  No more big, ugly white blocks on your images!

.JPG - a standard file type which places a background to your image. 

.PDF - allows for large format printing and ensures colour doesn't change when applying to large format printing/signage etc.