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There are so many definitions that some have of the word branding - and no, it is not just your logo design.  Your brand identity is how you are perceived or wish to be perceived by others.  It is what others think of you or say when you are not in the room. It is how your target market remember you or "spot you" from the crowd.  There are many elements that tie together to help you achieve this and you have come to the right place for a head start. 

I can assist with your website design, logo design, social media elements such as Facebook cover, tab icons, blog headers, blog sidebar elements, business cards, newsletters, letterheads, email signatures, corporate stationery, website design + more.  

All clients are sent an information pack and a contract.  You are also sent a questionnaire to complete so that we know we are all of the same understanding & have the same expectations. You will also receive a mood board and style sheet upon completion of your project. All final files will be sent to you once sign off & project completion has been confirmed.




  • You will need to complete a branding questionnaire and a few questions before can get started on your work. This ensures I am on top of the ideas you have and for the design you anticipate to receive.

  • You need to have all of your website copy and images ready before we can start your design work. If you need assistance with copy for your site, please let me know and I will refer you to someone amazing. For your images - stock imagery can be used but if you have your own branded material, that would be better.

  • Your domain name will need to be purchased by yourself. GoDaddy is a good option for domain names and they are well priced.

  • Hosting fees still need to be paid by you, to Squarespace, on a monthly basis. This is seperate to the fees quoted for when choosing to work with me and this fee is essential in maintaining your website and keeping it live.

  • Extra pages - aside from what has been quoted for, will be charged at a cost of $99 per page.



Logo Design

(single service paid in two instalments)

If you are just wanting a logo refresh or whole new look for your business - this is the package for you.  This will give you the prep you will need for your branding and it will also be your starting point for any branding projects you are in need of.  


This Includes:

  • Branding questionnaire.

  • Mood board and style sheet with colour palette and fonts.

  • 3 Rough concepts turned into digitised proofs with revisions. *Only final sign-off design is handed over. Please note, this allows for two rounds of revision only. Extra will be charged at $45 per round.

  • Logo files in EPS, PNG, JPG and PDF. (A file sheet is included in the handover pack)

Approximately - 4 Week Process






(full service paid in two instalments)

You mean business and I am with you every step of the way.  Ready to work with me for the next 2 months?  See below for all that you get and let me know when you are ready to get started.



  • Logo design

  • Style sheet + mood board

  • Business card 

  • Email signature

  • Facebook header

  • Facebook profile - logo 

  • Instagram profile - logo

  • Instagram stories highlights icons

  • Website design (based on a 6 page site)

Approximately - timeframe varies but approximately 2 months is required. For urgency or escalated identities, please add on an extra $650 to the above total. This will reduce your completion to 3 weeks.   




Logo + business card Design

(joint service paid in two instalments)

Not just after a logo but also an official stamp in the business world with your new business cards - here's the package that would suit your needs.  


This Includes:

  • Branding questionnaire.

  • Mood board and style sheet with colour palette and fonts.

  • Rough concepts turned into digitised proofs with revisions. *Only final sign off design is handed over.

  • Logo + BC files in EPS, PNG, JPG and PDF. (A file sheet is included in the handover pack)

Approximately - 5 Week Process





Brand Review

(single service paid in one instalment)

Many businesses or individuals reach a point in their businesses where they start to question their brand presence and the direction it needs to go in, in order to stand out from the rest and give it the sass that it needs. Some business owners get bored with their branding and just want a whole new and invigorated look. If this is you, but you are still feeling stuck and not quite sure where to start, this is your solution. A brand review that will give enough insight into a different style and vision for your brand.  This is a small step to reaching the cohesion in your branding and to looking more professional and on trend with your market base.



  • Review of your logo design & the colours and elements used in your branding. 

  • Review of your social media platforms to point out where improvements can be made. This covers Instagram and Facebook and if you are not on any of those platforms, this may just be the push you need to get yourself out there. 

  • Full review of your website, images and content placed within your website. 

  • You will receive a PDF of feedback, hints, tips and advice as well as suggestions for your brand going forward.  No design work will be issued and no changes will be made to your current platform.  This is purely based on professional and suggested insight to where you can improve your presence in your business so that you can start to eliminate drawbacks or work on progression for your brand in a visual and aesthetic way.  Visuality is important and it is what attracts people to your business.

Approximately - timeframe varies but approximately 7 days is required. 



squarespace website Design

(single/joint service paid in two instalments)

Interested in a modern, minimalistic style website? One that is easy to maintain and doesn't require daily updates and downtime?  This package is your best option.  If you're not tech savvy and need me to put all of your ideas infront of you and your audience - have a look below and let's get chatting. 


You'll get:

  • Branding questionnaire, Style sheet with colour palette and fonts.

  • Logo files in EPS, PNG, JPG and PDF. (A file sheet is included in the handover pack)

  • Up to 6 standard pages namely: Home, About, Services, blog, Contact

  • Responsive design (meaning compatible with mobile & ipad)

  • Basic Seo, Social media integration (Instagram, Facebook), Blog functionality, Testimonials, Newsletter integration (Mailchimp), Ecommerce

  •  Does NOT include hosting fees or domain name fees or copy.

  • Each new page required will be charged at $99.

Approximately - 4 to 5  Week Process

One page website / Landing page

If you are wanting a one page website with as much detail as possible, please enquire. Please note, the same information as above applies.






(single/joint service)

After a specific design? No problem, I can help.

Feel free to drop me an email and let me know what you are after.  My standard (minimum) pricing starts at $55 but is subject to change based on the project/time calculation of completion.



  • Business cards

  • Social media design (FB cover, Instagram tiles)

  • Letterheads

  • Gift vouchers

  • Swing tags

  • Signage

  • Posters

  • Company newsletters

  • Gift cards / celebration cards

  • Personalised envelopes

  • Brochures

  • Packaging design

  • Magazine / Editorial

  • E-book

  • E-magazine

  • Planners & To-do list pads

  • Health guides

Approximately - timeframe varies according to project